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This is also a music blog now, I guess

Let’s talk about a funny thing that I hate. That video by the Axis of Awesome is legitimately hilarious deconstruction of I-V-vi-IV, probably the most common chord change in popular music. It’s well done, and I really like the goofy … Continue reading

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Taking a Step Back

Hello internet! I’m writing you from Guadalajara, Mexico, where I am studying until June. I’d like to say thank you to the absolutely startling uptick in viewership of this blog, especially considering that now I am basically unable to post … Continue reading

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There’s Not Always A Lot To Do In The Himalayas

I painted this probably 4 years ago. It’s one of the only things I’ve ever painted. And I gave up on the paint and finished it with a sharpie marker. It might my favorite thing that I’ve ever made.

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Retropost: Why I Failed Japanese Class

reason 1: spent too much time re-illustrating the textbook this post dredged up from 2007.

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Armaments: part 1

I hope you think this is as awesome as I think it is. More to come!

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After a prolonged absence…

I hadn’t drawn anything in ages. Then, in april, as part of a final project for my Cree class, I made a bunch of illustrated vocabulary cue cards. These were quickly forgotten, and the summer was spent doing everything except … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: Content

I’ve come to understand that websites with content are generally more successful than those without. Consequently, I’ve been working on something new that is hopefully a little different and maybe even consistently changing. I’ll keep you posted.

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Can’t Trust the Mountains

When you fly into La Paz, there’s a massive Andean peak that stares down into your airplane like it knows what you did. It dominates the landscape, the skyline, the whole city of La Paz, like a hulking sentinel not … Continue reading

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