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Things Yet To Come

Three or four upcoming index cards are on preview here. See the figure in the upper left? I encourage you to make wild guesses about what it might be, but I seriously doubt you’ll get it.

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After a prolonged absence…

I hadn’t drawn anything in ages. Then, in april, as part of a final project for my Cree class, I made a bunch of illustrated vocabulary cue cards. These were quickly forgotten, and the summer was spent doing everything except … Continue reading

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Based on a True Story

All of these things, the dandily outfitted coffee seller, the sloth and the toborochi tree, existed concurrently in Santa Cruz. I can only assume this was a daily occurrence, because if any animal can use a jolt of caffiene, it’s … Continue reading

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Day one: Lorem Ipsum, or more filler text

Greetings and welcome to my empty blog! I’m Jesse, and this is where my drawings, scribbles and other art-like materials will be posted. I’m from Edmontowne, Alberta, Canada, and I’m living in La Paz, Bolivia (my travel blog can be … Continue reading

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