There’s Not Always A Lot To Do In The Himalayas


I painted this probably 4 years ago. It’s one of the only things I’ve ever painted. And I gave up on the paint and finished it with a sharpie marker. It might my favorite thing that I’ve ever made.


About Jesse Conlang

Jesse Conlang lives in Edmonton, Alberta, where he has trained squirrels to operate pens and pencils at his whim. You can probably tell that by the quality of the work.
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3 Responses to There’s Not Always A Lot To Do In The Himalayas

  1. Oh dude! Thanks for liking my post, it reminded me to ask you – do you have a stance on commissions at the moment?

    • jessedpc says:

      Um, I’ll take them! what would you like?

      thank you for consistently writing excellent stuff.

      • jessedpc says:

        to be clear, right now I just need some motivation to draw more, ’cause I’ve been posting archival stuff lately. as long as you don’t need anything extravagant, I’ll just straight-up draw it as a request.

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