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The view from Stanley Park

Album art for a song I just released. I really love working in sharpie, on cardboard. I don’t know why. It just feels right. Also, I learned after completing this piece that all the sulphur is from Alberta, which is … Continue reading

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How Not To Improvise A Cake: a meditation on failure

My last baking post was supposed to be the first in a unified series. The plan was  to do a couple of different cakes with different ingredients, but using the same formula to demonstrate the system’s versatility. I got accepted … Continue reading

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You’d be disappointed too

This is was drawn with absolutely zero research or reference. The year is probably wrong and the flag is backwards and wouldn’t have a no-atmosphere-on-the-moon rod to keep it up. However, they did train astronauts in the Sudbury area during … Continue reading

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Three Old Things

don’t even look at the date.

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La Paz postcards: It’s all downhill from here.

on a set of 7’x5′ index cards, I made a series of postcards about life in Bolivia. Everything here is something I saw, although the details are composite.   Where the tourist market meets the black market, you can find … Continue reading

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Based on a True Story

All of these things, the dandily outfitted coffee seller, the sloth and the toborochi tree, existed concurrently in Santa Cruz. I can only assume this was a daily occurrence, because if any animal can use a jolt of caffiene, it’s … Continue reading

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Okay, Something New

An old thing dredged up from the sketchbook. enjoy!

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Can’t Trust the Mountains

When you fly into La Paz, there’s a massive Andean peak that stares down into your airplane like it knows what you did. It dominates the landscape, the skyline, the whole city of La Paz, like a hulking sentinel not … Continue reading

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Bicycle Merit Badges

I originally drew these as part of a resume for a mountain biking tourism company. They were not completed on time, but they were fun exercises in abstracting shapes-not my strong point. More after the break

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¡Amigo! ¿Masaje?

When we were sitting in this plaza and I was sketching the basic outline of this, an actual llama came to graze in front of the plaza, but I left it out so as to preserve what I beleive to … Continue reading

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