Sometimes I Worry About Myself

I have a big trip coming up, and because I have compulsions I scarcely understand myself, it became important to have a folding toothbrush to fit in my toiletries pouch. I got a free brush from the dentist with a tidy little green bristle cover, and then something happened. 100_2946My brain, overloaded by watching the Red Green show and Mythbusters on Youtube while I should be preparing for an exam, decided to take things into its own brain-hands.100_2958It’s a really easy project. You need a toothbrush, one section of collapsible aluminium tent pole (cut off the top and it fits into the bottom), a hot glue gun, various files and sandpaper, sidecutters, a pipecutter, a knife, and a problem in your brain where you think this is a good use of your time when you should be studying for your exams.

Cut the “tongue” of the tent pole down by about half, and then cut the top part off and the bottom part off. File the edges for smoothness. Snip your toothbrush with the sidecutters, then trim it with the knife until it slides into the pole. Afix with hot glue. Tell yourself this is important preparation for your trip.

Saves no space or weight! The whole project should distract you for about ten minutes. more, if you blog about it.


About Jesse Conlang

Jesse Conlang lives in Edmonton, Alberta, where he has trained squirrels to operate pens and pencils at his whim. You can probably tell that by the quality of the work.
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